Machine Routing the Binding Channel (April 21st):
That went… Ok.  Took a while to get the stewmac binding guide set just right in the Dremel, did some test cuts, and some more, and then decided to go after the instrument itself. 3 Major oopsies, two of which will for sure be a minor defect in the end finish, but that is fine, my goal is an instrument that plays well and looks alright from a distance.
Oops #1: I didn’t tighten the bolt in the guide enough so there is a 3” section where the binding will sit a little too far in, I should be able to sand the side piece to it so that isn’t a massive concern.
Oops#2: Dremel bucked and I had some tear-out.  Pretty minor, but will be visible forever.
Oops#3: Lost track of grain direction, more tear-out;
All things considered, I am happy with the results, much much bigger mistakes could have been made. Super happy I managed to keep a nice sharp tip on my points.
Next up is hand carving time, I have to carve the channel near the cross-piece, button, point corners, and scroll.  This should be interesting, but I will take my time and hopefully it will work out.
Hand Binding Routing (April 22-23)
Day 1: Started by getting a nice right angle on the bottom point I cut some template using the blueprint to plan out this cut, that went super well. Then I cut the piece leading to the 16th fret extension, also went well.
Next I made some template for the body leading up to the button and cut out the detail. Went pretty well, realized my button has uneven leveling, but that will get sorted when finishing the neck.

Now the time came to start work on cutting the scroll channel.  I started with the top. I  I went SUPER slowly, measuring with a small nook of binding all the way, primarily using an exacto knife, and dogleg micro-chisel.
The outside line went pretty easy, got a nice ramp up to the scroll point, leaving the meat of the point for last.
Next the inside, man that was tight, I cut off some of the excess extension wood, making sure to avoid any area the neck dovetail would touch.
As I got up to working on the point, I realized my incline on the inside was much steeper, and had to go deeper closer to the point than the outside, took some working out, but I for sure have some binding scraping in my future.  All things considered it came out alright for my first time doing it. Tomorrow I will do the same on the harder, and probably slower to cut backside.
Day 2: I thought the harder maple would be more difficult to carve, but the additional stability was really nice.  Once again, I took my time with it and I am happy with the results.  Now I have the weekend to get super frustrated figuring out binding.

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