I started today with busting out the lamination jig and building a long strip of binding, mainly so I have a piece available for depth checking and measuring the correct size for the button.  With some trial and error it went well, some black smudges from the process but it should scrape out no problem.
Next I worked to measure and cut the button from the back.  After that I chiseled, filed and sanded the scroll area flush with the rim so that where the binding rises off the rim the sides still sit flat.  Had a big piece of chip out on the top, but fortunately it is within margin so the binding should cover the mistake.​​​​​​​
Next up I believe I am busting out the Dremel to start cutting the binding slot, this is terrifying, going to do a bunch of test cuts on some scrap to ensure depth is right, and to ensure I kind of know what I am doing.

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